Top 10 Qualities Men Are Secretly Looking for In Women

Men are the funniest creatures on this planet. They will never give themsleves away that easily to any woman. They will show ‘this’ to get ‘that’ and do ‘this’ to get ‘there’. And if you are a woman and you are probably wondering how this works and how to use it to attract men in general or some specific guy you just had sparkles of affection towards.

And to tell you the truth, you will need to know how the game is played. You have to understand how men think and what their motives are when they make any move.

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There is no science to get amn attracted to you, there is a process. And to know how to work out that process right, you need to understand what men secretly want done to them and for them. You then have have to figure out a way to get yourself to do the things to that man with our him realizing it

And if it happens that you don’t know what men want, here are the top 10 qualities men are secretly looking for in women and just how to bring them out to any man and get him to play within your perimeters:

1. Politeness

Almost every man will shy away from the thought of approaching a rude, ruthless woman. Men want women who are women. This plainly means that you need to show some politeness. You need to appreciate his effort to approach you And if he doesn’t, just look at him with interested eyes to show him you are into it also.


The word ‘firn’ may sound tricky as it can be looked at from various perspectives. But the real meaning of firmness in men is having a strong ground in your decisions. To loosen the laces more for you, it means guys want a woman that will not give in to any man’s persuasions if she already has someone else hooked to

For instance, you and your man happen to go to a party and then you find out that other guys want to hang out with you What your man needs is you to walk round those invitations and try to keep away from other men. He wants you by his side and even though not all over him, at least around him. This makes him confident of you

3. Courageous

No man wants an extremely shy lady. It is okay to shed some feminine power of blushing in front of him but don’t overdo it Show him that you know how to get what you want but you still have the delicateness in you If you want to have him all night long don’t be shy to let him know by telling him openly ( most men like it this way) or giving him the vibes.

4. Friendly

Even though you need to be firm, you need to do it wisely. A man wants his woman to be firm when he is introducing her to his friends for the first time and whenever they meet. Be nice to his friends but don’t over indulge with them (men are wildly jealous beings). Just show his friends you are honored to know them but don’t spend too much time talking to them with or without his presence. (Unless he leaves you with a specific guy, whom he definitely trusts)

5. Intelligence

Most men want ladies who challenge them. They want women who will give them different perspectives of life, but gently so. If you want any man to get thrilled by you, “open his eyes to a new world”. Basically it means that you show him you are interested in talking about the subject he raises but give him new ideas or opinions which you yourself find worthwhile.

Although, don’t insult his intelligence. Just add some facts on top of his words politely and gently.

6. Support

This is somewhat derived from the above point. Show him support in his hobbies and likes. Take immense pleasure in making him do the things he likes. But still, get him to like your hobbies slowly too so that he doesn’t sense you are just trying to make him happy for the sake of it Support his ideas and decision up to 80% and the 20% bring your own suggestions to make him think.

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7. Actively Quiet

When you are together with his friends, try to show some etiquette. Don’t talk too much without a specific reason, only when asked to And when you answer show “brief” interest (act like you want to have the discussion go on but you don’t want to participate in it that much) BUT when you two are alone, talk your heart out. Make him laugh and enjoy every minute with you

8. Care and Concern

This works like magic! They are the keys to the deepest part of his heart. If you show great concern for him by making sure you appreciate his presence and also do something to show you truly and deeply appreciate, you’ll be surprised. If you want him to be yours, do little things for him that he will feel a great effect of. Help him do little things and this will show your care and concern for him.

9. Affection

Affection : The biggest population of men won’t tell you this but they are craving for it Make sure that when you are together you hold his hands, sleep on his chest, caress his body, touch his abs (if he has any) rub your hands or body against his and many more that you may think of Make sure you make him feel different when he is with you Make him want to be only with you

10. Connection

Connection is the key to attraction, the greater the connection, the more the attraction towards each other. How do you connect with your man? By understanding his feelings and emotions towards various topics and things. Try to know what he likes more and give it to him from time to time Create sly gestures that you can pass at him and cause a certain enthusiastic response from him. That will help you dig him the more With these top 10 and most essential qualities that men are secretly looking for, you will certainly be the one! See to it that you understand these qualities well, and then get a clear picture of what men secretly want and how to give it to them right. And if you do everything on point, you will connect with his inner child and make you irresistible to him. Try it today and see it for yourself!

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